What kind of website is considered to be of high quality?

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the rapid development of the Internet, there has been an increase in expectations for website designs, as well as the pool of people capable of designing sites. But the quality of site designers are uneven, many of
them are at low entry-level skill levels, resulting in many low-quality sites. Simultaneously, multi-functional sites are also not possible at such skill levels. Even though these low-quality sites can still be used, they will largely be ignored by the bulk of Internet users. Only high quality sites that provide a good user experience will constantly attract more and more viewers and users.

The uneven distribution of the services provided by the Internet has led to lots of price fluctuations, and some websites costing only a few hundred dollars, but some costing tens of thousands of dollars. What accounts for the differences in price? How does a website costing only a few hundred dollars get created? Well, most people know how it is done. It is definitely created from a preset template, taking someone else’s hard work and profiting from it. Even though there are some things that require adjustment, the overall look of the website is still the same. So what about the site that costs tens of thousands to make? This type of website very often needs to be developed and designed from scratch, and it is highly functional, with superior user experience. Generally, the ones who can afford it will pick the more expensive option, while the ones with a smaller budget will pick the cheaper option. While they are both websites, the results will definitely be different.

So how do I judge whether a site is good or bad? Here are a few pointers:

1.      The number of paths a site has; the less the better.

2.      The clarity and ease of navigation of the site. Bad sites are hard to navigate, just like a maze, and they will not be able to find the content that they are seeking.

3.      The look of the site. Good sites are clean, without textual errors or dead links.

Many web servers will provide hosting space, but this space is crucial, it determines the speed of opening your site. If your site opens quickly, then your host is good, but if it is slow to open, then your website is pretty much obsolete. What is the point of having a website if it takes more than 10 seconds to open? Which user would want to spend so much time on opening a website only to wait for half a day for the other pages to open? Therefore, if the website opening speed is slow, you might as well not have a website, or you should definitely change your webhost.