ESC cloud server

The cloud server (Elastic Compute Service, referred to as ECS) is a simple and efficient IT service, with high and flexible processing capacity, to help you quickly build applications that are safer and stabler, improve operation efficiency, reduce the cost of IT, enables you to focus more on the core business innovation.

Product Overview

  • 成功案例A:网聚宝电商监控

  • 成功案例B:城市智慧交通

  • 成功案例C:阿里天猫双11

  • 成功案例D:游戏数据运营

  • 成功案例E:城市智慧供水

Features Overview


Support 3 kinds of data storage disk, to meet the different requirements of I/O performance

You can store the ECS instance with a data block to obtain a persistent, high reliable data block level random storage. As with the hard disk, you can store the data block that is mounted on the ECS instance to format, create a file system, and store the data in a persistent way. According to the requirements of different application scenarios on the performance of I/O, we provide 3 different data block storage, which can be used separately or combined.

Support auto / custom backup, quick recovery

Users can set up the automatic snapshot strategy in the console, the cloud server system disk, disk data to generate snapshots, you can also create a snapshot manually by the console or OpenAPI. Snapshot snapshot, you can quickly restore the snapshot of the data generated at the time point of the state, strengthen data security. Currently each disk can create up to 64 snapshots.


Free open cloud shield, providing network security, server security and other basic protection

DDoS based protection: to provide the highest 5G protection capabilities, SYN flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, ACK flood DDoS DDoS attack.Server security features (security Knight): including brute force crack password interception, Trojan killing, remote login reminder, the vulnerability of high-risk vulnerabilities to prevent intrusion.

Free cloud monitoring, and support a variety of real-time warning

Site monitoring: to provide HTTP, Ping, DNS, TCP, UDP, SMTP, pop, FTP and other services availability and response time statistics, monitoring, alarm services.Cloud services monitoring: monitoring services to provide cloud services to the user, open to the user to customize the monitoring service, allowing users to customize personalized monitoring needs Alarm and contact management: to provide alarm rules, alarm contact unified, batch management services. Support multiple alarm mode: SMS, e-mail, want, interface callback.

Mirroring image

Rich image, free installation of rapid deployment of operating systems and software

Mirror (Image) is a template for the ECS instance running environment, including the operating system and pre installed software. Users use the image to create a ECS instance and replace the ECS instance of the system disk, free installation of rapid deployment. We offer 3 ways of mirroring:Ali cloud official provided by the public mirror: Windows, Linux operating system to provide multiple versions of the release.Go to the cloud market to select the third party service provider (ISV) provided by the mirror: rich server runtime environment, tools and software mirroring.Shared image: custom image owner can through the ECS console or ECS API to image sharing to other users, users can use the mirror shared by other account sharing create an instance of ECS and replace the system disk.

Typical architecture

  • Enterprise website / simple Web application
  • Pictures / videos or large traffic sites / applications
  • Self built database and other high I/O requirements
  • Large amount of APP/ Tour Tour
  • Large data processing (Hadoop, Spark)

The initial stage of the site is small, only a low profile server can be configured, applications, databases, files and other resources are on a server. With the development of the site, you can always adjust the configuration and the number of ECS, no need to worry about the lack of resources in the server when the business highlights the problem.

Suggested complementary hardware

The cloud server ECS and object storage OSS collocation, OSS as a static picture, video, download package storage, in order to reduce the storage cost, at the same time with CDN and load balancing, can greatly reduce the user access latency and reduce bandwidth costs, improve availability.

Suggested complementary hardware

Using a high profile I/O optimized ECS server, while using SSD cloud disk to support high I/O concurrency and higher data reliability. You can also use a number of slightly lower I/O optimized ECS server, load balancing, to achieve high availability architecture.

Suggested complementary hardware

The difficulty lies in the deployment during peak traffic, but also to control costs. Through elastic expansion, the ECS instance is automatically added when the business grows, and the ECS instance is automatically reduced when the service is down.

Suggested complementary hardware

E-MapReduce is built on the ECS, such as log analysis, data warehouse, business intelligence, machine learning, scientific simulation and other business needs. You can use E-MapReduce to run the commonly used computing framework (for example: Hadoop, Spark) to interact with other data storage services such as OSS, RDS in the cloud.

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