IT Limitless was founded in 2005, and we have been steadily in business for over 10 years ever since. Our firm was registered with a starting capital of 10 million yuan, and we are dedicated to providing online cloud computing solutions via our company’s service platform. Our firm’s most important mission is to help more individuals realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, to help streamline businesses’ running costs and to help effectively and efficiently optimize your company’s performance.
IT Limitless has been providing enterprise information technology and IT solution services for companies for 12 years and counting, serving thousands of small and medium enterprises across China. In 2014, IT Limitless was awarded as “China’s Best IT Outsourcing Service for SMEs”, and in 2015 IT Limitless was awarded “China’s Best IT Services Provider for SMEs”. We also founded our sister IT servicing platform in the same year, cementing our position as China’s best O2O (online to offline) service platform for businesses, gathering tens of thousands of IT service professionals in order to provide a one-­‐stop service platform for IT enterprise solutions.
  In 2016, IT Limitless became a Gold Standard partner of Alicloud, providing online cloud computing solutions for businesses using the infrastructure put in place by Alicloud, and simultaneously working with Alicloud to help SMEs transform their firms to complement new cloud systems as well as adapt to changes in the Internet. This allows for firm managers to utilize cloud computing resources as easily as turning on a switch or a tap. According to statistics, only 20% of all new enterprises make it past the 3-­‐year milestone. Every enterprise manager is regarded as a precious partner of IT Limitless. We look forward to tackling problems with our partners and ensuring the sustainability of our global markets.
After providing such services for more than 10 years, our staff are still following our company’s 4 mottos and 5 __, with unwavering effort and integrity when it comes to serving our esteemed clients. We thank our thousands of clients for their support, as well as our supporting government agencies. In 2016, IT Limitless was finally awarded software copyright rights from the Chinese government agency, as well as “High Tech Enterprise” certificate from the Beijing Zhongguancun High Tech Industrial Park, and the “National High-­‐Tech Enterprise” certificate from the National High Commissioner, amongst several others.
  Everyday is a new beginning for IT Limitless. We maintain an appreciative and responsible attitude to continue providing the best and most holistic service for our enterprises. Enterprise management is a never-­‐ending path, and IT Limitless seeks to help managers and entrepreneurs discover themselves and surpass themselves in this field, so as to harness every individual’s fullest potential so that they can make a global contribution.



  •  IT Limitless was registered, with a capital of 10 million yuan, building up a service platform providing online IT cloud computing solutions to businesses.

  • Honored with the Ai Yun routing system V2.10 computer software copyright certificate

  •  Honored with the Ai Yun business intelligence independent system V2.10 computer software copyright certificate

  •  Won the third party platform for cloud computing system interface V1.10 computer software copyright certificate

  • Public welfare activities: the first corporate social responsibility activities undertaken by IT Limitless, feeling the power of love!

  • Awarded China SME IT outsourcing best service award for 2014

  •  Awarded the Ai Yun storage system V3.03 computer software copyright certificate

  •  Won the guest enterprise IT portable service system V1.10 computer software copyright certificate

  •  Earned cloud enterprise WeChat Platform Management System V1.10 Computer Software Copyright Certificate

  • Won the 2015 China SME IT Best Outsourcing Service Provider Award

  •  Became a Gold Partner of Alicloud Computing Co. Ltd

  •  Given the title of Zhongguancun High Tech Enterprise