Mailbox service

An enterprise mailbox refers to your domain name as a suffix e-mail address. Usually, enterprises often have multiple employees using email. An enterprise mailbox means that employees can have multiple email accounts with their under the same administrative account domain. In addition, you can customize the amount of storage space that you need and you can also always choose to delete your account whenever you want.

Common e-mail situations & recommendations

  • Initial stage of establishment

    No domain name

  • Initial stage of establishment

    Enterprise domain name already established

  • Enterprise development period

    Email office + marketing

  • Enterprise Maturity Period

    Multi domain multi management, multi monitoring needs

  • Enterprise stable period

    Diversified demand

  • How do you set up a mailbox account if you have not set your enterprise up yet?

    First, you need to register a business enterprise in order to attain your free domain name, the domain name as the company's mailbox suffix, such as Without registering your company, it is not feasible to get an enterprise email.

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Product Advantages

  • Safety and stability

    Having an independent public cloud services mail carriers high-performance network architecture means high availability and less risk of failure

  • Surf globally

    Global cloud room, overseas multi - point deployment, link optimization of international links.

  • Reliable

    The spam filter rate is more than 99.99%, the misjudgment rate is less than 0.01%, the virus kill rate is more than 99.99%, and the user's feeling is less than 0.01%.

  • Professional

    One of the earliest enterprise mailbox service providers with 20 years of professional business e-mail service experience. We also have more than 2000000 users.

Use function

  • Mobile client

    Exclusive mobile client, full support for IOS, ANDROID mobile phones, anytime, anywhere.

  • Abnormal login alerts

    For your security, there will be an abnormal login alert.

  • Multitasking

    Multiple windows can be opened to read and write emails, or adjust email settings, more efficient than with a business office.

  • Group

    Combine departments on a single platform, sharing group emails, cloud drives, and mutual sharing of other documents, it becomes very convenient to share information.

  • SkyDrive

    File network backup, synchronization and sharing services. Can also be compartmentalized into 2 parts, your personal Skydrive section, and the shared section.

  • Tasks

    In the process of enterprise cooperation, task distribution, management and tracking.

  • Mail withdrawal

    Recall an email back into the Alicloud system, provided the recipient has yet to read the email.

  • Mass sending to individual recipients

    When sending a mass message, each recipient will receive it individually, reflecting care and protection for the recipients’ email address information.

  • Professional service support

    7*24 hours of professional engineers quick response (work orders / phone), expect professional and personal services.

  • Full-text retrieval

    Cloud intelligent full text search, allowing you to quickly search for important information such as e-mail and contacts.

  • Conversation format

    View all related messages in a conversation format depending on your browser type.

  • File sharing

    SkyDrive files will be shared to colleagues, the mail system into a knowledge management and sharing system.

  • Spam alert

    The system can be set to remind us daily, so as not to miss important mail, this function can be turned on or off.

  • Synchronize saved messages

    In the web version of the mailbox has been sent to the folder can automatically save all the messages that have been sent, regardless of any computer.

  • Mail labeling

    Add personalized tags and labels to your mail, so that you can view all similarly labeled mail in a single window.

management function

  • Mail monitoring

    Can be set to monitor accounts and monitored accounts, improve enterprise management efficiency.

  • Hierarchical administration

    Set up different levels, different privileges of administrators, improve enterprise management efficiency.

  • Enterprise mail recycle bin

    Safely and easily retrieve deleted mail.

  • Mailbox migrate

    Easy to migrate the original service enterprise mailbox mail to a new enterprise mailbox.

  • Login page settings

    Login template selection, custom background image, display enterprise LOGO, display profiles, etc.

  • External interaction restriction

    Can restrict domain members from sending e-mail to external email domains, in order to enhance enterprise e-mail security.

  • Dynamic E-Mail Group

    Departments can have a group email in order to send department-related updates, improve enterprise management efficiency..

  • Mail group settings

    Mail group enterprise with value-added features: sensitive word management, domain white list, mail group approval white list, etc..

  • Global black and white list

    Global black and white list settings, blacklist to prevent the specified mailbox harassment messages, white list to prevent important mail from being intercepted by the anti spam system.

  • Custom enterprise logo

    Add a company logo to the enterprise email page after login, and maintain a unified corporate image.

  • Mail group

    Custom enterprise mail group, easy to send messages to members within the group.

  • Alias management

    Domain alias & account alias makes group enterprise management mailbox more convenient.