11 years of professional services

Established in 2005, covering 34 provinces and cities nationwide, serving a cumulative number of 150 thousand plus clients.

Reduce your IT servicing costs by up to 70%

Standardising our IT outsourcing pricing system; putting strict standards and protocols in place; optimizing our IT frameworks for you, with regular testing of equipment and networks.

Replies within 5 minutes post-sales

We reply 5 minutes to answer, available 24/7, to provide uninterrupted service via online, WeChat, or over the phone, amongst other channels.

IT Limitless’ 3 service values

“Sincerity, Meticulous, Caring” Our sincere service: Ruyi service platform that performs standardized IT services and processes to provide solutions for your company with a transparent pricing system.

Exclusive IT Consultant

  • Proficient in IT + professional + in-depth study of the industry + positive representation of the industry;
  • Help you manage IT services, match relevant experts, oversee services;
  • Help to eliminate the information asymmetry between enterprises and IT engineers.

Customised Team of Expert Engineers

  • Over 100 thousand IT engineers throughout the country across 34 provinces and cities, covering the field of 15 industries.
  • Depending on the problem, we match different expert services to form a consulting team for your company.
  • All services are handled successfully.

One Stop Service System

  • Enterprises only need to direct their queries to the consultants at IT Limitless, and simply wait for our positive results.
  • A set of tools to track service progress and monitor the quality of service.
  • Transparent processes and services provided.

What are the perks of being a paid member?

One-time payment is all you need for us to answer all your questions.

Hardware Services:

Hardware installation:

Desktop computers, notebook computers, printers, copiers, servers, multi-function integrated machine, wireless network equipment, office equipment installation and deployment services.

Hardware upgrade:

Computer CPU upgrade, memory upgrades, hard disk upgrades, upgrades, etc..

Hardware replacement:

Desktop computers, notebook computers, printers, servers, copiers, multi-functional integrated wireless network equipment, office equipment replacement services, etc.

Hardware fault diagnosis:

Desktop computers, notebook computers and other office equipment hardware fault diagnosis services.

Software Services:

Anti-virus services:

Active virus defense against all kinds of security issues from the internet.

Software installation:

Operation system installation, recovery services; timely communication software, compression and decompression software applications.

System configuration:

Configure the application environment (printer connection configuration, network connection configuration, OUTLOOK configuration, etc.).

Hardware applications fault diagnosis:

The problems encountered in the application of configuration system.

Network services

Terminal network configuration:

Desktop computers, notebook computers, servers, network printers and other terminal equipment configuration services (IP settings, name settings, equipment connections, etc.).

Wireless network equipment:

Wireless equipment installation, setup, connection service (wireless router, wireless AP, color tablet computer, notebook computer, desktop computer and other equipment).

Network connection fault handling:

Desktop computers, notebook computers, printers, servers, copiers, multi-function integrated machine, wireless network equipment and other network equipment connection inspection and troubleshooting services.

Optimized maintenance service

Equipment inspection:

Regular inspection of the equipment, working to minimize the risks of equipment malfunctioning.

Equipment maintenance:

Regular maintenance of equipment, parts and components inspection.

Data backup:

Equipment data backup service.

Terminal performance optimization:

Following the clients’ working environment and modus operandi, to provide users with performance optimization services to enable users to achieve the best system performance.

What can you enjoy when you purchase our services?

Package 1:

Bi-monthly on-site servicing, suitable for enterprises with 50 staff members and below.

Package 2:

On-site servicing 4 times per month, suitable for enterprises with 50-80 staff members.

Package 3:

On-site servicing 6 times per month, suitable for enterprises with 80-100 staff members.

Package 4:

On-site servicing 8 times per month, suitable for enterprises with 100-130 staff members.

Package 5:

On-site servicing 10 times per month, suitable for enterprises with 130-200 staff members.

If the above packages do not fit what you are looking for, please call 400-650-7820, where our specialized IT consultants will tailor a feasible solution to meet your needs.

Why can IT Limitless help to reduce my IT servicing costs by 70%?

Why does IT Limitless greatly improve the quality and efficiency of IT services?






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【艾锑分享】 除了IT,艾锑还能给您带来更多



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