WeChat public number development type: subscription number, service number, enterprise number.

Registration authentication

Help you remember WeChat public number registration process, as well as WeChat public certification process.

QR code registration

Register and apply for a company QR code

Data improvement

Set up a public column according to consumer needs, and subsequently improve the details of each column.

Information push

Real-time push messages with news about the company are sent to the enterprise’s micro-blog fans and hundreds of millions of WeChat users.

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WeChat member - SCRM member management system, check consumption costs, check points, see privileges
WeChat members can check their membership card, check consumption, points, and privileges.
Set brand promotion, membership management, marketing activities, statistics statements all on the WeChat platform.
                            Customising a company website specifically for WeChat platforms.
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Scene customization, interactive games, corporate publicity, product sales
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APP Development

To provide you with hundreds of beautiful templates, free to use, allowing you to easily decorate your micro-blog website!