Will the changing storage space of the site affect my keyword ranking?

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This is an obvious yes, because your site space is not stable, resulting in a user entering your site to have an unpleasant site experience, even if your site is good in every other way. Your rankings will not be affected if this instability is only short-term, but if it is unstable in the long run, then your rankings will definitely disappear sooner or later, Baidu might even delist your site altogether.


Before we create the site, we have to choose a stable space, this is the only way you can make a good site. We should not choose the cheapest option to save money, what we want is functionality. Unless you just want to pursue this frivolously without a need for a long-term web presence. Please take note of the following points when purchasing a site, otherwise you might come to regret it.


Firstly, we should choose a server that can accommodate more than what our site requires. For example, if your website requires 50M of storage, you would have to buy a server accommodates more than the above stated amount, you could buy storage space that is 100M and above; if your site requires 300M of storage, then you will have to purchase a server that is above, not equal to, 300M. If you do not follow this point, your website might not be able to be opened.


Secondly, we can use various tools to test the website opening speeds of different spaces in China, if we find that the servers are quite slow in many areas, do not buy those spaces. What we need to buy is servers that allow for high opening speeds for your site, the speedier the better.


Lastly, the server has to be stable, and not have to encounter situations where the site cannot be accessed. The ideal frequency of such a scenario is no more than 3 times a month.