How to maintain website post-construction

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After the completion of the site construction, we update content daily, and then promote the site, in order to achieve the effect of the improve site keyword rankings. However, does the completion of our web site mean that websites are no longer maintained? The answer is wrong, because there will still be occasional problems on the online site, such as non-functional web site database links, or if the site cannot be opened, or the site appears disordered, etc.. So how should we maintain the site?

In actual fact, maintaining a website is not difficult at all, as long as we pay attention to the site often. For example, you can spend very little time backing up your site, this is also very safe for your site’s security, because you can always restore your site if data is lost. At the same time, some people take too long to make changes to their site, for example, a website template, adding a new website plate, or correcting the site in general etc, if you do not