Why is website construction so simple and complicated at the same time?

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The construction site can be said to be a very complicated things, but also can be said to be a very simple thing, like you just buy a space, then get a set of templates placed on it, then buy a domain name go, this website is very simple, and many sites are this is built, some site construction company is to customers of the construction site, a bit out is the site to template slightly modified, such as site name, website and pictures of logo and so on, in fact, the site itself is not much change. If you want to pay attention to complex words, it will be large, the specific framework must first planned site, and then set the function with the column, and the website space domain name choice, choose a good domain name written or related industry site. Space, then you have to choose to open fast, and will not always be a problem. There are a lot of specific details of the details, the site construction company to communicate with customers to finalize the final.